Doom is getting a free weekend and all of Doom's DLC is now free for everyone who updates the game

by: Nathan -
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Doom got update number 6.66 today and with it they are calling it the "Ultimate" Doom experience. 

As of this update, the Season Pass has now been retired and all of the DLC has been added to the game free of charge. Anyone who updates the game will now automatically receive all of the DLC for free. This includes all of the multiplayer maps, additional guns, playable monsters and equipment. 

Also with this update, the Multiplayer progression system is getting a complete overhaul. Everyones progress has been completely wiped and everyone is now starting back at level 0. Everything now unlocks via specific in game challenges or specific leveling requirements. Veteran players however shouldn't panic. The level is simply that. Just a level. Veteran players will still keep all of their unlocked gear and equipment and will have the option to wipe all of it and start clean if they wish.

To celebrate this update, Bethesda will be holding a free weekend for Doom where you can try out the first two levels of single player and arcade mode and have unlimited access to Multiplayer and Snapmap.

The free weekend will start on

  • Thursday, July 20th at 12PM EST on Xbox One
  • Thursday, July 20th at 1PM EST on PC
  • Thursday, July 27th at 12PM EST for Playstation 4

Lastly the game is getting a huge price drop for the free weekend. If you try the game out free this weekend and want to keep it, it will only cost you $14.99.