Titanfall 2 is getting a four player co-op mode

by: Chapel -
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The most recent in a long line of free updates for Titanfall 2, Operation Frontier Shield was announced today, which includes a brand spankin' new co-op mode called Frontier Defense.

The mode features up to four players and appears to be a sort of Horde mode, where you and your partners defend against waves of AI combatants. In addition, they are adding new Warpaints, described as such:

Be sure to show off your skills with the new Frontier Titan Warpaints, which each feature an insignia that changes to reflect the highest difficulty of Frontier Defense you have mastered. These skins also grant an XP boost to you and your teammates at the completion of a Frontier Defense match, but these Warpaints are only available for a limited time!

For Pilots, we're also introducing Elite Weapon Warpaints, custom-designed Warpaints for specific weapons that drastically change the look of your favorite firearms. These Warpaints also grant bonuses to you and your teammates in-game. For each elite weapon warpaint you own, you gain a 10% chance to earn a 2x XP token at the completion of a match (max 30% total).

The cherry on top of all this are two new maps: Rise, a remastered map from the original, and Township, a new Live Fire map.

You can watch the trailer for this DLC below.