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Meet the Squad of Agents of Mayhem, the FIRING SQUAD

by: Nicholas -
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Hey, it's time for another Agents of Mayhem trailer. 

In a new video released on the game's YouTube channel, we get a look at three characters comprising what is called (in the title, at least) the firing squad. 

I played the game at E3 this year, and I don't recall some special combination of characters like this. So really, the firing squad is probably just whatever group o characters the player decides to head out with. But it's catchy, so I'll give 'em that.

Anyways, the characters we meet in the trailer are Oni, a Yakuza assassin; Kingpin, AKA Pierce from Saints Row; and Scheherazade, a ninja. Scheherazade is the only character I didn't play as in my demo, but the trailer does a good job of showcasing her abilities. 

Pierce's special ability, where he makes the enemies dance, is in the video as well. If you'll allow me to be subjective for a moment, I'm just really glad that Pierce is in this game. He's such a goof. Oni is a close second on my favorites list, as his silenced pistol causes a lot of damage and was so fun to use in the demo. Also, all the blood splatter on his outfit just upped the cool factor for this game immensely.

Agents of Mayhem releases August 15th

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