Flight Sim World community update 6 adds passengers

by: Dave -
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Community Update 6 for Dovetail's Flight Sim World has been released.

No flight sim can be considered complete without the presence of passengers to grade your landings (based on years of never having done it themselves) and ask irritating questions like "where's the bathroom?" in a 4-seat Cessna bug-smasher. Dovetail doesn't go that far, of course, but it's a start. You can now populate the empty seats in ytour airplane using the included mission editor.

The update also adds some more polish to the interactive avionics and repairs a goodly number of bugs. The update also adds labels to the warning lights and switches on the RV-7A, thus not only making it easier to fly but also bringing it into compliance with FAA regulations. I wonder if they read my review....

Community Update 6 is live! We’ve been focusing on the aircraft avionics pretty hard with this update. Additionally, we have the introduction of passengers to your aircraft, which opens up a number of new options when customizing the load of your aircraft or building missions in the Pro Mission Editor

That’s not all, so read on for the full list: 


  • New Animations! Passengers as well as your co-pilot can now be placed in all available aircraft seats in mission editor or via the free-flight paystation configuration menu.


  • Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI) recalibrated across all aircraft


KAP140 / KFC225 AP:

  • Entering altitude values now works correctly
  • 1000’s knob functionality improved (no longer overrides 100’s)
  • Switching to vertical speed values no longer resets altitude

KN62 (DME):

  • NAV1/NAV2 functionality improved

Garmin GTX327 (Transponder):

  • Transponder now non-operational once the fuse is removed
  • The unit can be turned on/off
  • IDENT works as per real world with an 18 second pulse
  • Transponder will set code 1200 or revert to previous code if pressed a second time on VFR mode as per the real world
  • ALT/ SBY modes function correctly and can be cleared by pressing ON a second time.

PA-28 Cherokee

  • Restored gauge helper tooltips.

PA-34 Seneca

  • Ambient occlusion improved on door edge, main panel and DDMP unit
  • Graphical improvements on main panel
  • Strobe/ beacon combined switch added.
  • SYS55X Autopilot - Vertical speed mode functionality improved:- VS input can be toggled with the VS button and becomes active when using ALT mode.

CWP annunciator behavior improvements:

  • Flap transit now only lights up when the flaps move, and heater overheat responds to windscreen heater use
  • The heater can now overheat, complete with flashing warning light


  • Canopy door handle animation added


  • Graphical improvements to interior textures.
  • Improved rear door animation on DA42.


  • Fuse functionality added for autopilot, panel lights, avionics lights, and landing lights
  • Canopy latch tooltip corrected
  • Cockpit placards added
  • Propeller shutdown animation added

Flight planner

  • Payload quick edit feature added


  • Passenger placement and animation system added
  • Fix for crash when touch and go aircraft tried to signal the tower at an airport that ATC had closed (Reported on several forum threads)
  • Rain noise stops when game is paused.
  • Fixed corrupted tail numbers on planes if you chose lesson or mission as your first flight in a session.
  • 360 controller ‘X’ button remapped to trigger external view
  • Optimisation to ensure interior/exterior attachment objects only render in the appropriate camera view


  • Removed ATC window
  • Pitch and raising nose message now have unique strings and voiceover
  • Increased delay between using rudder and hearing the “That’s it” dialogue.


  • Removed ATC window
  • Aircraft is auto-straightened at end of lesson


  • Removed ATC window

Icing conditions

  • Improved introduction


  • Removed outro cinematic

Mission Editor

  • Fixed errant takeoff trigger defaults reported by the community
  • Pro Mission Editor help menu now provides direct link to editor manuals
  • Workshop publishing crash with missions containing OneShotActions is now fixed