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It's been a little over four years since the release of Zen Studio's CastleStorm on multiple platforms and about a year or so since they released CastleStorm VR. Starting next month PlayStation 4 owners can get in on the VR fun when CastleStorm VR comes to PlayStation VR on August 1st. Thanks to PlayStation VR players can raze castles and conquer their rivals as they see, feel, and hear everything that takes place during combat in this mix of 2D physics destruction and a tower defense brawler. More information can be found at

 CastleStorm VR is Crashing it’s Way to PlayStation VR on August 1!

The medieval Knight vs. Viking super-genre mashup comes to life in this thrilling VR experience!


San Francisco, CA – July 10, 2017 – Zen Studios is excited to bring CastleStorm VR to PlayStation VR! Play the game like you never have before, toppling towers and blasting ballistae from an exciting new perspective!

Zen Studios has released a CastleStorm VR PSVR Trailer:

Raze castles and conquer your rivals in CastleStorm VR, a super genre mashup of 2D physics destruction mashed with a tower defense brawler. Players are catapulted right into the heat of the battlefield, casting their swords against formidable foes like knights, soldiers, archers and even griffins in thrilling castle vs. castle combat! 

Harnessing the power of PlayStation VR, you are placed directly onto the field of battle, where you’ll see, feel and hear every whizzing arrow, battle cry, horse gallop and ballista shot as though you are really in the midst of combat. Get medieval in a whole new way with CastleStorm VR!

CastleStorm will release on PlayStation VR on August 1, 2017. For more information on Zen’s library of games, please visit

About Zen Studios Zen Studios is a leading global producer and publisher of interactive entertainment software for all major digital game platforms, and is recognized as one of the premiere independent gaming studios in the world. Zen is an internationally renowned publisher headquartered in Budapest, Hungary with offices in the United States. Zen Studios has worked with some of the largest brands in the world of entertainment, including FOX Digital Entertainment, Marvel Entertainment, South Park, and LucasArts, as well as revered gaming properties like Valve’s Portal and TellTale Games’ The Walking Dead. Zen Studios’ CastleStorm franchise has also won the developer critical acclaim and commercial success, including the coveted Editor’s Choice awards from both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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