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Friday The 13th: The Game is getting an updated TOS and a report function

by: Nathan -
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If anything is going to kill the Friday the 13th game, it's going to be the incredibly toxic community. I absolutely love this game but the game is currently being ruined (at least on PC) by idiots who don't actually want to play the game. They want to use exploits and glitches to allow them to get into hiding spots where Jason can't kill them. How is that even fun? You pay $40 just to cheat? 

Anyways the fun is about to come to an end for these idiots as Gun Media has announced on their Twitter that they are updating their Terms of Service in the game and an in game reporting feature will be added as well. 

The comments section of the Tweet is also filled with little babies that are mad cause bad and realize they are about to lose over and over cause they can't cheat. Wonderful. Hopefully these idiots will be banned soon or will just leave for good. 

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