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Ed McMillen's next game is coming to the Switch

by: Patrick -
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Edmund McMillen, creator of indie favorites Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac said his next game, The Legend of Bum-Bo, will be released for the Nintendo Switch. McMillen suggested as such over Twitter, a picture of the exchange, which is hilariously benign, is above.

McMillen's resounding "I think so yeah," reverberated across the internet, since there is little we know about this game beyond its announcement in March of last year and that it is a "turn-based puzzle RPG type thingy that's randomly generated." (Courtesy of Gamespot.)

McMillen's other game, The End is Nigh, is set to be released on the Switch as well, which hopefully indicates that McMillen is developing a relationship with Nintendo. It's a good fit, and a welcome one.