Hitman Prologue for free, deep discounts expected for later chapters

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A month ago, Square Enix dropped IO Interactive from it's umbrella of developers. Thankfully, IO Interactive retained the IP to their excellent Hitman series which has spanned 17 years of very good games, two movie spinoffs, and a few pretty good mobile games. Now IO Interactive has a chance to have a go at it on their own without their publisher overlords, and I'm really rooting for the Danish company to succeed. Not least of all because I've had so many enjoyable moments with Hitman across the years and mediums, but because this is a great opportunity to be bold with the direction of the franchise potentially freed from the shackles of the publishers bottom line.

To get this brave new era kicked off, IO interactive is releasing the prologue to their latest iteration in the series, simply titled Hitman, for free on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This latest game is told in episodic fashion, with option to purchase either a season pass for all episodes (on sale now for around $24) or each individually (about $4 each in the current sale). So, in addition to the free offering of the first level, the rest of the episodes are on heavy price cuts for the near future. 

So there's no reason not to give the Prologue a try and see if Hitman is your cup of tea. If so, get a great deal on the season or pick and choose a few more episodes, whatever you fancy. And all the while you can feel better about helping out a solid developer in an exciting time of uncertainty. More details can be found on the official website. The free offering and future episodes of Hitman are available via the PSN (at the time of this writing, the PSN website wasn't showing the new price but navigating through the PS4 did reveal the season at $24), Xbox marketplace, or Steam

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