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Friday the 13th first content drop adds new outfits, free CP and the return of a classic Jason

by: Nathan -
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Friday the 13th had a pretty rocky launch to say the least. With frequent bugs and glitches, horrible connection issues . After two patches however, the game is in a much more stable state right now. Even with all the problems though, the game is still fantastic. It perfectly captures the look, feel and atmosphere of the movies and there is that constant sense of dread knowing that Jason can be anywhere at any time. Now if only we can do something about rage quitters, then this game would be perfect. 

Anyways, Gun have said that they plan on providing post launch support for the game and tomorrow will bring the first big content update to the game. 

Here is what is included in the first content drop

  • Two new outfits for each counselor 
  • Free 13,000 CP for each player
  • Double XP weekend from June 23rd - June 25th

and the biggest addition is that a brand new Jason called "Retro Jason" will be added to the game. Inspired by the Friday the 13th game on the NES, Retro Jason will also come with his own original chiptune track created by Mitch Murder. 

The first update will launch tomorrow on PC, Xbox One and PS4 and will be free to everyone who owns the game. 

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