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E3 2017: Preview of Project Cars 2

by: Nicholas -
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While at E3 this year I was privy to a few presentations of some of Bandai Namco's upcoming games. One of them was Project Cars 2.

I and a handful of other journalists/writers sat in a room with developer Andy Tudor as he talked his way through the new features coming in the game, presumably at launch. Other features include actual branded cars such as Ferrari, also available upon release. Fully-supported esports will make its debut as well. Tudor also said that the game will support the full spectrum of racing, meaning that players will have access to modes like rally cross and indy racing. 

The marketing for Project Cars 2 has claimed it to be one of the most realistic racing games out there, and Tudor continued that in our presentation. He stated that in researching the real tracks - over fifty of which will be available in the game when it launches, they scanned them in detail to get the most realistic take. 

Aspects like dynamic weather and changing road conditions will play into how the players handle the tracks. Tudor also said that the rubber of players' tires will shred as the race goes on, ensuring that every factor in the race plays into the success or failure of the driver. 

The game will also have "out of the box gamepad handling," a lesson learned from the previous release. And finally, the game will be presentable in 12K, and also VR, but only on PC. 

Project Cars 2 releases September 22nd.