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Continued support and LOADS of new DLC for Dying Light

by: Kinsey -
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In light of Dying Light's overwhelming support from its huge fanbase, even after three years, Techland recently announced that not only will the company continue to support the game, but they are also working on new content even as I write these words. In the words of Techland CEO Pawel Marchewka, "Not a single day passes without requests for new weapons, outfits, and quests. In the face of such enthusiasm and engagement, we cannot keep quiet."

At the same time they excitedly announced their continuous support for the game, they specified that players would receive not one, not two, but ten pieces of DLC within the first twelve months of their continuous support. This DLC, of course, will be available free for all players across all platforms, so don't worry about draining your wallet. You can expect new enemies, new gameplay mechanics, more Harran mysteries, and even new locations ready for you to explore.

The game will also receive more gameplay improvements, balance tweaks, and even more frequent community events (up to four per quarter). A dedicated community platform is also in the works, with more details to come.

The first new content for Dying Light (Content Drop #0) will launch for free as a sort of sampler of what's coming to the game, with a focus on new enemies. Content Drop #0 is not part of the "10 free DLCs in 12 months" campaign, so if you really want to get nitpicky you're actually getting 11 free DLCs. Keep an eye out for that in the coming weeks. 

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