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E3 2017: You're going to be able to break the law with Lawbreakers starting on August 8th

by: Chuck -
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If you woke up this morning and thought - "Hey, I need another game to play this year" well then I've got good news for you.  Today, the folks at Boss Key Productions announced that Lawbreakers, a fast and vertically focused multiplayer first person shooter will hit stores on August 8th.  

The game has been in beta for a while and I've been keeping my eye on it as it the game has some interesting twists on the FPS genre, notably that the game plays it fast and loose the with laws of gravity which should make for some fun vertical combat.  The game will only be $29.99 (39.99 if you splurge for the Deadzo edition) and will be available for the PC and PS4.

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