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E3 2017: Here's the latest trailer for Super Mario Odyssey

by: Sean Colleli -
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Super Mario Odyssey continues to get weirder. Closing out Nintendo's E3 showcase, the adventure-platformer was accompanied by a truly awful showtune that brought back even more flashbacks of the horrendous Sonic 06.

That being said, the gameplay actually looks pretty compelling. That living cap we saw in the previous trailer apparently allows Mario to control/morph into any enemy he throws it at, be it a Bullet Bill, Goomba and even a giant freakin' T-rex. Not sure how Yoshi feels about that last one, and I'm also still not sure on a solid release date, although it's still penciled in for a Holiday 2017 release. Color me surprised that Odyssey didn't get hit with the myriad delays Breath of the Wild suffered.