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E3 2017: Cut town-wrecking giants down to size in Extinction

by: Randy -
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Extinction sits in the bottom of an old river canyon, colorful and lovely despite its pre-alpha state. Some ogre giants, known as the Ravenii, are about to stomp all over your civilization, though.

You are Avil, a Sentinel. One of the only folks equipped with the tools and know-how to take down these colossus invaders.

You can see mission objectives (and sub-objectives) plastered on the screen. "Kill Ogres 0/2, Save Civilians 0/8, Complete the Mission with 2 Watchtowers Remaining, Complete the Mission Without Dying." 

Avil runs, jumps, double jumps, wall runs—horizontally and vertically—air dashes, floats, bounces on building awnings and tree tops, and has a grappling hook-like whip that can slow down time to give you a little time to think about your next move midair. 

He's got slashy sword strikes, area-of-effect strikes, and slams. He can cancel attacks in order to dodge. He uses powerfully charged-up "rune strikes" to do major damage to the ogres' armor pieces. There are even huge, grotesque dismemberments; I mean, just big ol' giant feet getting cut off and dropping the giants on their backside, but still swinging around. The giant, once you're done crawling all over it and basically cutting it down limb from limb, looks like an enormous (green) Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Mildly disappointing that the dismembered arms, legs, and heads merely fizzle away and disappear. But hey, system limitations, right?

Each ogre will require different tactics to take down. You have to target latches on armor to remove those armor bits to cut off a limb. Developer Iron Galaxy may have to throw in a tiny bit of lore about your sword in order to make that idea stick. From a gameplay perspective, sure, it makes sense that you'd have to set up challenges during the fight, but a sword that can theoretically target any exposed body part and sever it in one swing? What, you can't just swing your sword a couple inches higher and skip the armored areas? (Now I sound like I'm coming from the John Yan School of Game Design; I apologize.)

Extinction is coming to PlayStation 4 in early 2018.