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E3 2017: ASTRO Gaming reveals new low end headset

by: Chuck -
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ASTRO Gaming makes some of the best high end headsets on the market.  I have a pair of A50's and A40's and they are fantastic even after years of use.  The downside of this quality is that they aren't cheap which puts them out of the reach for a lot of gamers. 

The company is addressing that with the introduction of the A10 line of headsets.  The headset will be sold for $60 and will feature a lot of the things that made the brand famous at a much lower price. The sets do have that ASTRO style but it's hard to pass judgement on them until you have a pair in your hands.  I'm also interested to see how this plays out as premium brands sometimes struggle when introducing something in a lower tier.  The sets are now in stores and I'll try to see if I can get my hands on a pair and report back soon.