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E3 2017: New Far Cry 5 trailer gets spiritual but like in a bad way

by: Patrick -
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The Ubisoft Press Conference revealed the new Far Cry 5 trailer which had a haunting rendition of Amazing Grace in a strange Christian church courtesy of (ostensibly) the game's main antagonist, creepy cult man.

This was followed by a gameplay walkthrough which had the player sneaking up on an evangelical man beating someone and screaming all sorts of "You're a darn sinner" and "Get that sin off ya" kind of things. The gameplay looks to be classic Far Cry, a first person shooter prioritizing positioning and survival before encountering any situation. 

There was also a dog named Boomer, and this dog is awesome. This dog can retrieve a gun for you which is really important. I am a huge fan of the dog Boomer and you should be too since he will be your Dogmeat-esque companion in the game.

Far Cry 5 comes out February 27th of next year.

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