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E3 2017: The Evil Within 2 trailer wants you to fear the milk within

by: Patrick -
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In another incredible trailer from Bethesda's Press Conference at E3The Evil Within 2 is announced. Damon Albarn's cover of Ordinary World soars over the bizarre imagery heavy trailer, which involves a lot of what is probably devil milk.

Devil milk is the most evil milk there is, and this game is full of the devil's milk it would seem. There's a reoccurring theme of going in and out of bodies and spaces and puddles of goo, piloting us through the wild narrative of the trailer, flowing, terrifying, unsettling. It plays on the idea of memory and psychological horrors that haunt our past that defined the first game. And milk.

Shinji Mikami, the godfather of horror, is confirmed as director of the game. The trailer was fantastic, here's hoping the gameplay is as well (I can't imagine it won't be).

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