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E3 2017: Microsoft shows off a brand new trailer for State of Decay 2

by: Nathan -
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The original State of Decay, in my opinion, is one of the greatest zombie games ever made. Setting up a base, recruiting survivors, sneaking around in the dark, looting homes, desperately trying to find supplies etc. It's a game where you can go all out and slaughter as many zombies as you want, or you can take it easy and just enjoy walking around town looking for supplies and survivors. 

Exclusive to the Xbox One and Windows 10, State of Decay 2 will arrive Spring 2018.

Xbox One and Windows 10 Exclusive. 18 months after the zombie apocalypse, the military abandons a refugee camp in small-town America. Those left behind must band together to survive the fall of civilization and the rise of the undead. In State of Decay 2, it’s up to you to gather survivors, build a community, and redefine what it means to survive.