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E3 2017: Microsoft reveals "The Darwin Project"

by: Nathan -
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Microsoft has announced The Darwin Project another Battle Royale type game, but this game looks like it will focus more on E-Sports and looks like a more class based game like Overwatch. 

What's interesting to me is that it sounds like people watching the game on Mixer can gift items to the players in the game.  That could be a cool feature if it's implemented correctly and seems like a new take on the "Twitch Plays" concept which caught fire last year.  Hopefully we'll get more details on this feature and the rest of the game during the show this week.

The Darwin Project is reinventing the battle royale sub-genre. It challenges players to survive the cold and fight to the death in a treacherous, snow-covered arena. In the Darwin Project the environment is as dangerous as the players themselves.

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