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The Overwatch anniversary is closing out with a double XP weekend

by: Kinsey -
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Hey, it's your friendly neighborhood Overwatch gremlin here to tell you that if you weren't planning on playing the last few days of the Overwatch Anniversary event, you might want to change your tune. Imagine my surprise when I opened up the game to be greeted with a notification that the game has initiated a double XP weekend to close their first birthday with a bang.

This is especially helpful for loot box grinders or people who just want that ONE item without paying for it (or, if you're like me, a golden icon that you just can't get no matter how hard you try). From June 8-12 (the 12 is the end of the event) players who log in will earn double experience from almost every source of in-game XP, excluding only XP gained from the first win of the day. 

This comes as a response to players' outrage that, despite their liking of the 100+ new cosmetic items introduced for the event, they were extremely hard to come by. Game director Jeff Kaplan assured us that they were listening to fans, and it seems as if the Overwatch team followed through. I think it's safe to say that the aforementioned friendly neighborhood Overwatch gremlin will be spending irresponsible amounts of time on the servers. (Because seriously, out of all the cool legendary skins and epic emotes, the ONE little thing that has eluded me through at least twenty loot boxes is the Jahrestag icon. It's not even funny anymore.)

The double XP weekend ends at the same time the event ends on June 12, so watch your time, grind, and hopefully get those cool new cosmetics you've been coveting!

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