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World of Tanks announces partnership with Christopher Nolan's new film Dunkirk

by: Nicholas -
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The company Wargaming, creator of MMO World of Tanks, has announced that, in partnership with the new Christopher Nolan film Dunkirk, it has created two new games that go along with the film. 

Those other two games are World of Warships and World of Warplanes. The company, in an announcement video, showcased trailers for the two new games that seem to coincide with the film, as well as a video for their mainline product, World of Tanks.

You can find out more about the games at this link for Wargaming, and more at this link for information on how each vehicle: tank, warplane, and warship, played their roles in the early stages of WWII, and also leads back to the Wargaming site. 

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