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Battleborn's Multiplayer now free

by: Nicholas -
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Gearbox Software and 2K have announced that the multiplayer portion of their FPS MOBA, Battlborn, is now free. To access this, players with PS4, Xbox One, or Steam and select the "Try Now" option. 

The trial offers full access to all competitive modes and maps. There are no level caps or time limits, and, so far, no planned end date for the free trial. 

Character progression and account progression are the same as in the full game, and a rotating roster of six characters is offered. That means that one week, players will have access to certain characters, and the next, it'll all be different. 

Players who already own Battleborn will be given Founder's Status. They will also be rewarded with in-game items as well as Flair items, which are cosmetic adornments for the characters. 

A new PVP mode, Supercharge, is launching alongside the free trial. 

There is also a free trial player specific matchmaking queue so that, in the developer's words, they "won't have to worry about matchmaking against a team with Command Rank 100 and legendary gear out of the gate," sounds fair. 

For more on the free trial, check out the Battleborn blog here.

Here's the free trial launch trailer:

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