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SMITE's new RPG adventure launches today

by: Nathan -
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SMITE gets a new update today, and with it brings the next adventure, "The Trials of King Hercules", which is their biggest adventure yet.

"The Trials of King Hercules" is a free 3 player PvE dungeon adventure that is available to everyone and plays like an classic dungeon experience from an MMO. There will be 70+ gods and goddesses to choose from and the adventure will start in a town hub where players will be able to accept quests. Completing quests will grant equipable items. When in the dungeons players will face bosses and after hard mode is unlocked, players will be able to fight the final boss, the Lemaean Hydra.    

There is also a "dungeon adventure bundle" available for 900 gems. The bundle includes the following 

  • New Skin - Vanguard Hercules (Limited)
  • Dungeon Stamp
  • Dungeon Frame
  • Dungeon Theme
  • Gold Key 

For more information about today's patch, including information about new skins and the Bacchus remodel, check out the full list of patch notes.

For more information about The Trials of King Hercules, be sure to check out the official website for the adventure.

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