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World of Tanks introduces much-anticipated Ranked Battles

by: Kinsey -
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Wargaming recently announced a new mode for World of Tanks veterans seeking a bit more of a challenge than regular gameplay offers. This new addition, Ranked Battles, implements an entirely new ranking system to determine who you encounter in battle, and is designed to highlight individual performance.

Ranked Battles is a 15v15 PvP mode in which you can participate once you get ahold of top-tier vehicles (making it even fairer of a match-up system). It offers a new path of progression beyond Tier X; it introduces a ranking system, in-game leaderboards, and season leaders' lists. Tankers will be ranked on their individual results in matches, so worry not if you have a team who isn't exactly pulling their weight; your rank will reflect your performance only.

Top performers are also set to get some rewards from this mode. When the season ends, the top half of season leaders will get exclusive badges and Bonds, an all-new game currency that can buy new in-game items (Improved Equipment and Directives, which can up your vehicle parameters).

The mode, which comes with update 9.19 and will be available June 5, has been highly requested by the WoT community for a while. Players can compete and rank up in seasonal leaderboards that extend for periods of 28 days, the first of which will be a Beta Season available to all players.

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