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Overwatch is taking us to the moon in new assault map reveal trailer

by: Kinsey -
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It's been a while since Overwatch unveiled a new full size map (excluding, of course, the 3 Elimination maps that came along with the most recent update) and it looks like they're sending us off-world for this one. We're finally getting some insight into everybody's favorite gorilla and his life before Overwatch; the next assault map is going to be the Horizon Lunar Colony, where he was born and lived a good portion of his life. 

The scientists in the colony were studying the effects of prolonged extraterrestrial habitation, and all seemed to be going well (as Winston narrates) until, after he left, communication suddenly stopped. As the customary two six-player teams compete to capture points and regain control of the base, we have the opportunity to explore the clues left behind and figure out what exactly happened up there. This looks to be a launch similar to that of Eichenwalde; there aren't going to be new game modes accompanying it that we know of insofar. Good old classic Overwatch, except on the moon.

Take a look at the new trailer Blizzard just dropped, and watch for this new assault map coming soon to PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

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