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SMITE's newest patch introduces Da Ji, the nine tailed fox

by: Nathan -
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I first discovered SMITE in 2013 and when I started playing, Chang'E was the newest character added to the game. She was the 39th character added to the game at the time. Skip ahead almost four years later and SMITE is still going, stronger than ever and a new patch was released for the game. With this patch comes Da Ji the 88th character added to the game. We are slowly creeping towards that 100 character milestone and it will be an amazing event when it finally comes. 

Da Ji is an assassin from the Chinese pantheon and this assassin focuses more on damage than burst like some of the other assassins. Her passive applies a bleed which deals dot damage every time she hits an enemy with a basic attack, and she has the ability to teleport to gods and deal damage as well. Good luck trying to run away with low HP.

Her ultimate attack however is amazing. She summons her signature torture device the PaoLao and can target three enemies with it. Targeted enemies take damage and are chained. After a short duration, chained enemies are pulled towards the PaoLao and then take damage three times over two seconds. Get them beads ready because this is like a more frustrating version of an Ares' Ultimate.

Hi-Rez has also graciously sent along some codes to unlock Da Ji and her alternate "Vixen" skin. I have posted the codes in the comments section below. These are one time use codes and are first come first serve. Good luck! :) 


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