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The table is set with guns and religion in Far Cry 5 key art

by: Randy -
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So, there's a lot going on in this key art for the freshly announced Far Cry 5. It's an orgy of extremist White America imagery. There's an Iron Cross-like set of stars on the American flag. Next to the church is a flag pole that flies the American flag underneath this clan's personal flag; to explain, flying the American flag underneath any other flag is in direct violation of flag display protocols. The guy with his knife jabbed into the hunk of red meat even rocks the Alt-Right Richard Spencer haircut. The one woman in the scene is reduced to marriageable material, and is literally holding a "lily white" flower. And the front-and-center preacher-like character is in full religious cult mode—you can even see how everyone's arrangement at the table is a bastardization of Leonardo da Vinci's painting of The Last Supper, complete with bread, wine, and a presumably Holy Bible. Oh, and to solidify the religious zealotry, there's a character bound at the wrists in front of the table, with the word "sinner" scrawled on his back.

Woo. Like I said. There's a lot. All of this is done with a good assortment of Far Cry staples embedded in the image. Weaponry scattered at the table (guns, check). There's aircraft (check). There's a gray wolf (animals, check). There's a barn on fire in the background (a literal barn burner, with flags fully splayed in the wind, meaning the fire spreads, check).

Rural America, y'all. But in GN Slack, Jeremy Duff brought up the idea that maybe—maybe—these aren't the actual bad guys. Did you ever think of that? Because I sure didn't. And if Duff is even half right, then we might have an even more interesting story on our hands than I thought. We'll see where Ubisoft goes with this. My knee-jerk response to this image is that, yes, of course these are the bad guys. Far Cry 5 wouldn't post a picture of scary alt-right White American religious cult stereotypes and tell us that these aren't the extremist nut job militants you're looking for.

Would they?

New video for Far Cry 5 coming this Friday, May 26. I'm anticipating it'll be a gameplay reveal, as opposed to the initial live-action videos posted Monday. I'll watch it. I don't know if I love or hate everything I'm seeing in this one piece of key art or not.