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Check out Tekken 7's opening cinematic

by: Nicholas -
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Bandai Namco Entertainment has released a new video for their upcoming title TEKKEN 7. It's the opening cinematic of the game. Surprisingly, a lot of the shots in this one come straight out of the story trailer

This opening cinematic does a much better job of communicating the story than the story trailer actually did, or rather, it gives an entirely different perspective that shows the game in a new light. The shot begins with Heihachi tossing what is presumably a younger version of his son Kazuya into a pit, like in the movie 300. What follows are shots of a bunch of characters talking about how Heihachi must be taken out, as he will cause inevitable destruction. Some are just a bunch of glamour shots, also taken straight out of the story trailer. It gives better context for what the characters are doing and, more importantly, why. 

For me, a person mostly unfamiliar with the game series, it was too easy for me to think that, from what was shown in the story trailer, Heihachi was going to be the protagonist, fighting against the world at all costs. Kazuya's red eyes don't do him a whole lot of good in the good guy looks department after all. But, this was an interesting contrast to the story trailer. 

TEKKEN 7 releases June 2nd, 2017. Here's the opening cinematic: 

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