New Everspace trailer shows slow motion space flight and explosions

by: Nicholas -
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ROCKFISH Games' newest title, Everspace, out on Early Access now and fully releasing on May 26th, has a new teaser trailer showing some of its gameplay. 

Although the game's page on the developer's website as well as its Early Access page on Steam promises a single-player roguelike with non-linear storytelling, there's nothing of that sort in the trailer, which is fine, because that's not its purpose. 

What the trailer does showcase is the visual power of the game. Whether it's a diverse color palette showing the blue frozen asteroids or the floating space debris, or even the arcs of laser and missile fire coming from the space dogfights. 

The artistic design of both the architecture and even the exploding frigates is impressive, it seems that the developers want to give combat a feeling not only of relief, because of the roguelike elements, but also giving it an aesthetic element as well. 

The developers state that fully voice-acted story missions as well as support for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Everspace gets its full release on May 26th, but is available for purchase on Early Access now. 

Here's the gameplay teaser trailer: