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Become the Ultimate Decider of Skates vs Snowboards in Quake Champions Duel Mode

by: Nicholas -
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Bethesda has released a new trailer for their upcoming arena shooter Quake Champions. The video showcases Duel Mode, in which two players compete against each other in three rounds with three different characters. 

It just so happens that the first characters chosen each use a snowboard or a pair of hoverskates to move around, hence the title of this article. Not bad Bethesda, not bad at all. Both would probably be a blast to ride in real life, but that's not what you're here for. 

Anyways, the mode's theme splits between hunter vs hunted and a chaotic duke-it-out. It doesn't look as intense as the larger-scale modes, sacrificing constant high bursts of energy for slow-burn tension that literally explodes. 

Quake Champions is still in closed beta and has a release date for sometime in 2017.

Here's the trailer for duel mode:

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