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SMITE Tactics gets an official name

by: Nathan -
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Hi-Rez's newest SMITE game, SMITE Tactics has been in beta for a few months now and has received quite a few updates including new Pantheons including Chinese and Roman and has gotten a complete graphical overhaul as well. 

Since the launch of the beta however, "SMITE Tactics" has been the official working title of the game. Hi-Rez has announced that the game has an official name and its called "Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics". 

I have put some time into the beta and I have to say that it's fun and an interesting take on the normal SMITE formula. That said, I am terrible at this game as well. My win/loss ratio in normal SMITE is pretty decent and in Hand of the Gods... well, not so great.  

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