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Mech Con 2017 set for this December

by: Chuck -
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Piranha games has scheduled Mech Con 2017 for December 9th at the Pinnacle Hotel Harbor Front in Vancouver and tickets are now available for purchase.  The event is the big get together for all MechWarrior Online and Battletech fans.  

At last years event they unveiled MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries so you would have to think there would be an update on that and possibly more information on the evolution of the base game.


Piranha Games Announces Annual MechWarrior Fan Conference Mech_Con; Tickets On Sale Now

Mech_Con to Feature 2017 MechWarrior Online World Championship Grand Finals in Vancouver on Dec. 9th; Special Hotel Rates Now Available

VANCOUVER - MAY 15, 2017 - Piranha Games (MechWarrior Online, MechWarrior 5: MERCS) unveiled the first details and opened ticket sales for Mech_Con 2017, the return of the world’s biggest celebration of MechWarrior and BattleTech and host of the MechWarrior Online World Championship Tournament’s Grand Finals n. Tickets are now available ahead of the event’s kickoff on Dec. 9th in Vancouver along with special hotel rates.

Mech_Con is a special one-day event hosted by Piranha Games and featuring Harebrained Schemes, Catalyst Game Labs, and MechWarriors from around the world. Join Piranha for the ultimate MechWarrior event and convention to see the latest MechWarrior and BattleTech developments, meet your fellow pilots, and get a front-row seat for the Grand Finals of the 2017 MechWarrior Online World Championship Tournament.

In addition to the Grand Finals’ exhilarating live showdown between the world’s best pilots, Mech_Con 2017 will host presentations from MechWarrior Online developer Piranha Games, Battletech developer Harebrained Schemes, and Battletech universe experts Catalyst Game Labs. Fans can also enjoy demo stations hosted by Piranha Games and Harebrained Schemes, meet with Catalyst Game Labs’ creators, attend developer Q&As, get autographs, and win prizes by entering giveaways.

Every ticket for Mech_Con 2017 will grant attendees a special Mech_Con Decal, redeemable in MechWarrior Online once an update goes live on May 16th, as well as tickets for drinks and meals served throughout the day.

Mech_Con 2017 will take place at The Pinnacle Hotel Harbor Front in Vancouver, just two blocks away from the city’s infamous Seawall and within walking distance to many of the downtown area’s best attractions. Fans can take advantage of special rates for the event by using the “Mech-Con” promo code when calling to book their room before Nov. 8th, or by placing their reservation online through this link: 49173151/owner/2075/home

There’s still plenty of time for newcomers to join the world of MechWarrior Online, a vision of the distant future where war is waged between fighters piloting incredibly powerful and complex mechs, before joining the game’s passionate community at Mech_Con 2017. MechWarrior Online is available to play free on Steam:

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