The Long Dark is coming to PS4

by: Rob -
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Although it was in Early Access on Steam for quite some time, 1st person survival game The Long Dark has not only set a release date, August 1st, but has also announced it will be coming out for the PS4 as well. The Long Dark debuted with an endless style survival mode where the goal is simply to make it as long as you can across 20 square miles of unforgiving Canadian wilderness, and has since added an episodic story mode inspired by some of the darker novels like Cormac McCarthy's The Road. The first two episodes of the story mode will release at launch with three more following across 2017 and into 2018. 

The Long Dark releases for PS4 and PC on August 1st. Early Access is no longer available, purchase from henceforth will only be made towards that release. More information can be found on the Playstation blog

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