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Check out all the game modes included in Tekken 7

by: Nathan -
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Tekken 7 launches on June 2nd for PS4, Xbox One and PC and Namco has released a trailer showing off all of the game modes that will come with the game. For a fighting game, it looks like there is a healthy amount of content here including a cinematic story mode, arcade mode, 1v1 mode, practice and training modes, a gallery mode featuring cinematic from past Tekken games and online play including full double elimination tournaments. Everything Street Fighter V didn't have at launch.

One really cool feature seems to be treasure battles, which will earn you loot after completing the fight. This loot will let you customize each fighter in the game. There are normal clothing items you can equip, but then off course in true Tekken fashion there are completely off the wall things as well like being able to equip a hammer head shark helmet or the ability to wear a pizza on your back. Awesome!


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