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Here's a new promotional video for the Morrowind expansion for ESO out June 6th

by: Nicholas -
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Bethesda Softworks has released a new promotional video for their latest expansion to The Elder Scrolls OnlineMorrowind

If I'm being honest, I think I would have preferred a new trailer instead of Bethesda showcasing a bunch of people who really like Elder Scrolls Online, but needs must. At one point in the video, a fan claims that Elder Scrolls Online "gave [him] that nostalgia, made [him] feel like [he] was fourteen again, that's what sold it for [him]". I can understand that, and as we've seen, Elder Scrolls Online has certainly seen an increase in quality gameplay, but is resuscitating nostalgic feelings really what games should be doing? 

I won't break off into a tangent about this, but it's interesting that Bethesda would show off people saying how amazing the older games were while juxtaposing them against footage of the latest Elder Scrolls title.

Of course, it's not like replicating Morrowind is the goal of the developers. As Game Director Matt Firor says, they "have [their] own spin on it." Like the main game, the Morrowind expansion takes place in the past, and per the description under the video, it takes place seven hundred years before Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The story puts players alongside the notable character Vivec from Elder Scrolls III, helping him shape Morrowind as the player surely recognized it back when they first played it, because I don't think the video showed any players that were new to the series. 

As one fan said, "I am super-duper stoked." 

You can rediscover (or discover, I don't know,) Morrowind on June 6th. 

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