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Wii winning?

by: Sean Colleli -
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According to this press release it is.  Retailers are still having trouble stocking their shelves, and so far only the DS is outselling its big brother.  This is all well and good, but the momentum and novelty cannot last much longer.  To be blunt, where are the games you promised us, Nintendo?
Nintendo News: Wii Wins Again
    According to independent sales data released by the NPD Group, the Wii(TM)
from Nintendo was America's best-selling video game console in the U.S. again 
in February, with consumers snapping up virtually every system available in 
America totaling more than 335,000 units.
    Only one game system sold more in February, the portable Nintendo DS(TM), 
with sell-through of 485,000 units.
    Together, Nintendo systems represented 54 percent of all hardware sales in 
February, more than those of all other manufacturers combined.
    "We're gratified that the explosive appeal of Wii, in terms of both new 
players and new ways to play, has created unprecedented demand, substantially 
beyond supply," says Reggie Fils-Aime, president, Nintendo of America.  "But 
we also understand that there are hundreds of thousands of consumers still 
waiting to get their hands on the system so we continue to both ship more 
units to retail every week and work non-stop to build capacity."
    Reports from households across the country indicate that Wii has become 
the centerpiece for weekend parties, a new method for improving athletic 
technique and losing weight, and a landmark product for generating
cross-generational fun.
    The strength of Wii and Nintendo DS was also apparent in monthly software 
sales where three of the top four best-selling games for the month (Wii 
Play(TM) and The Legend of Zelda(R): Twilight Princess for Wii, and Diddy 
Kong(R) Racing DS for Nintendo DS) play exclusively on Nintendo systems.  In 
addition, so far this year 10 of the top 20 best-selling games are exclusive 
for Nintendo hardware.
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