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Heroes of the Storm's Nexus Challenge 2.0 appeals to Overwatch players

by: Kinsey -
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If you missed out on getting Genji's Oni skin last time around, you're getting another chance. Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard's multi-franchise strategy game, is holding a new event (the Nexus Challenge 2.0) that provides rewards specifically aimed at Overwatch players.

The challenge lasts four weeks (ending May 22) and begins as soon as Heroes of the Storm 2.0 (a massive update coinciding with the release of Genji as a playable character) goes live in your region. Each week, players have the possibility to earn several rewards, and all you have to do is play five matches a week with a friend.

  • Week 1 Rewards: Oni Genji skin, icon, and spray in Overwatch; Oni Genji portrait, spray, Orochi Hovercycle, and banner in Heroes of the Storm
  • Week 2 Rewards: Officer D.Va skin in Overwatch; Busan Police Hovercycle  in Heroes of the Storm
  • Week 3 Rewards: Officer D.Va spray and icon in Overwatch; Overwatch Nexagon mount and Officer D.Va portrait, banner, and spray in Heroes of the Storm
  • Week 4 Rewards: 10 loot boxes for both Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch

Heroes of the Storm is free to download on PC and Mac.

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