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Friday the 13th: The Game launch date revealed

by: Kinsey -
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If you've got $40 and enjoy classic horror, then you'd better brace yourself; Friday the 13th: The Game finally has its release date, and it's in just over a month.

Gun Media and IllFonic announced today that the game will launch as a digital download for Xbox One, PS4, and Steam. However, it will launch with multiplayer-only gameplay, which means that the anticipated singleplayer will come along at a later date.

Still, though. The 1v7 twist on the story (or stories) of Jason Voorhees will allow players to play either the hunter or the hunted on three maps (Camp Crystal Lake, Higgins Haven, and Packanack Lodge), which means that the devs are definitely giving us enough to tide us over until they release more content. As either Jason or one of the seven counselors, you're pitted against the other asymmetrical team in an effort to get out with your lives (regardless of whether you're taking them or retaining them).

Friday the 13th: The Game launches on May 26.

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