Check out this hip launch trailer for Wildlands' Narco Road

by: Nicholas -
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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands' first major DLC, Narco Road, is out as of yesterday for season pass holders. The full release, that is for players who do not have the season pass, is next Tuesday, April 25th. And of course, with the release of the DLC comes a hip new launch trailer, highlighting some of the hip new things that comes with the pack. 

A voiceover explains that the Santa Blanca cartel is on its way to becoming unstoppable, so naturally, the beefy American special forces operators have to infiltrate it and take it down from the inside.

For those who don't know, the Santa Blanca cartel is the main antagonistic force in the main game's story. How effective are these operators if they have to purchase a DLC just to finally finish off the cartel?

Anyways, the trailer show a buff, hipsterjack looking special forces man, replete with a colorful machine gun, ripping up the tracks with what looks like a dune buggie and a monster truck. 

Narco Road's major aspect is racing, but the trailer also showcases some combat with those colorful guns, including what looks like taking a plane out with a pistol shot, and even mid-skydive murder. 

You can watch the wheelies and motorcycles below. Narco Road is available now for season pass holders, and next week for everyone else. Find out more here

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