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New World of Tanks mode doubles the amount of players on 9x-sized maps

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A new mode called Frontline has gone deep into the testing phase for World of Tanks PC. Previously limited to 15v15 battles on a 1km x 1km square map, Frontline pushes those borders out in every direction.

Developer Wargaming is currently testing 30v30 battles (double the previous number of combatants) on a 3km x 3km playground—almost nine times the size of a normal map. The gameplay being tested is attackers vs. defenders, something akin to the beaches of Normandy on D-Day. And instead of having a singular base to capture, attackers will have multiple bases to coordinate attacks on in order to push forward to the next zone of control.

Developer Bongfish is being brought into the mix, too. Bongfish previously worked with companies like Microsoft and Red Bull, and is known for its innovations in pushing big, open maps to play on.

This Wargaming-Bongfish partnership started in 2015. Of how things went at the start, Wargaming admits that "every single new thing at the beginning was a bit clumsy, there were problems, it wasn't smooth." But now Wargaming's engineers are much happier with where the game is now, and much happier with the two teams' ability to work together as a single entity.

This new 30v30 map—60 players onscreen, it's gotta be crazy—is rolling out onto World of Tanks's Sandbox test server first, of course. There are a lot of kinks to iron out, understandably. And the devs admit that they "see all these things so many times that we might lose touch with reality at some point." Which is why they're seeking out detached and impartial feedback from the players.

Milos Jarabek, Development Director on World of Tanks PC, recalls how high communication levels were during World of Tanks's beta back in 2010. His intention is to bring back that connection between player and developer.

World of Tanks Team Up with Bongfish to Create New Game Mode
An all-new battle arena hits the game’s test server bringing bigger maps, larger teams, and intense action

April 10, 2017 — Wargaming today revealed its partnership with Austrian developer Bongfish, who brought over a decade of experience working with well-known publishers to bear on a new game mode for World of Tanks, dubbed Frontline. From today, players can put the new mode through its paces in the World of Tanks test server, Sandbox.

What can players expect from Frontline? Epic 30v30 tank clashes across vast 9 km2 battlefields, with one team pushing the assault while the other defends their territory. Over several rounds, the action spreads deeper behind defensive lines until a winner is declared.

“Players have been asking us for larger teams, bigger maps, and new combat setups for some time,” said Milos Jerabek, World of Tanks Development Director. “Wargaming’s distributed development approach made this a reality and we partnered with Bongfish to create the new mode—all while the in-house team for World of Tanks works on the game’s key mechanics. Bongfish has a ton of expertise to make it happen under our guidance. There’s true chemistry between the both of us, and we look forward to revealing what this collaboration brings to players.”

“We’ve been working on Frontline for a while now, and are excited to finally show it to the world,” said Michael Putz, Bongfish Founder and CEO. “We’re passionate about authentic gameplay and vast open spaces, and so are World of Tanks developers. By working with them, we can channel this passion to create something one of a kind for tankers to enjoy.”

Sandbox has been an integral component in improving the game as well as fostering a conversation between the players. Frontline marks the third time the game tests the waters in Sandbox to ensure World of Tanks continues going from strength to strength.

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