A plethora of new Amiibo are coming this summer

by: Sean Colleli -
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Yesterday's Nintendo Direct revealed a colorful variety of new Amiibo figurines getting a staggered release this summer. First up are three new Zelda Amiibo covering some of the series' classic games: young Link from Majora's Mask, Link from Twilight Princess and Link from Skyward Sword, all arriving June 23rd.

Next up Smash Bros fans will finally, finally be getting their hands on the last run of Amiibo for the game's massive character roster. Totaling six Amiibo coming July 21st, there are two versions each of Bayonetta, Fire Emblem's Corrin and Cloud of Final Fantasy Fame.

Also on July 21st there will be a new lineup of Inklings to launch alongside Splatoon 2, so you can be both a squid and a kid if you so desire. Rounding out the selection is a Pikmin Amiibo coming a few days later to accompany Hey! Pikmin on July 28th.

I've slowed down on the Amiibo purchases but I'll probably pick up the new Zelda series and probably Bayonetta, as I'm a fan of that series too.