Learn how to "fight your way" in this new Injustice 2 trailer

by: Nathan -
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The one thing that intrigues me the most about Injustice 2 is this new gear system and I have to appreciate how Netherealm Studios tries to innovate with their games. Not that there is anything wrong with other fighting games but I love how they are always trying new things.

This looks like they put an RPG leveling up system in Injustice 2. With this new mechanic, after winning matches, your character can earn new gear which you can use to change up the appearance of your chosen fighter. Your appearance isn't the only thing that changes. The gear can give you additional moves, more health, more defense and the benefits will increase as you level up. 

Check out the new trailer below to get all the details on the gear system. 

Injustice 2 launches on May 16th for PS4 and Xbox One.