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New trailer for The Surge promises loot and dismemberment

by: Nicholas -
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Deck13's The Surge, an upcoming sci-fi action RPG releasing May 16th, 2017 has a new new trailer that shows off combat that includes targeted dismemberment, as well as crafting from all that sweet loot players will be collecting.

It's interesting that the developers would highlight the combat in particular. There are already a couple big name RPGs out there that include violent combat, namely The Witcher III and Fallout 4. But what sets The Surge's combat apart from Fallout 4's VATS system is the style and specificity with which it's delivered. 

From the trailer, it's clear that The Surge's focal point is the player's exoskeleton and heavy melee weapons. It looks like the player can target specific limbs (possibly after enough damage has been done, possibly not, it's not entirely clear) and then just lop it off with an electric scythe, or pull it off with brute strength. 

Not much on the story in this trailer, but it's clear that the developers wanted to deliver the spectacle of the game, and it delivers.

You can visit Deck 13's website here, and watch the trailer below:

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