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New Nintendo Direct coming this week

by: Nathan -
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Exciting time to be a Switch owner as Nintendo has announced that a new Nintendo Direct will occur this week and there will be new info about the Switch and the 3DS. 

The Nintendo Direct website says it will focus primarily on Splatoon 2 and ARMS so it seems like we will get some new info on those games. Hopefully this means release dates. I have sunk 100+ hours into Breath of the Wild but Splatoon 2 is the one game I cannot wait for. The original Splatoon is the game that made me buy a Wii-U and I sunk hundreds of hours into that game. Being able to take Splatoon on the go is like a dream come true. 

I also really hope that Nintendo finally gives us details about the Virtual Console on the Switch. 

The Nintendo Direct will air Wednesday, April 12th at 3:00PM PT and 6:00PM EST. 

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