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The 2.3 patch for Elite: Dangerous will be out April 16th

by: John -
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For those waiting for multi-crews and character creation in Elite: Dangerous, April 16th will be the date the new patch hits. It's been in beta testing for a while now, so hopefully a lot of the bugs have been ironed out.

The 2.3 patch will let you create your own commander and you'll be able to see each other's commanders when flying ships together with the multi-crew feature. Want to name your ship? You'll be able to and see it'll show up when someone's scanning you. Like most visual upgrades, if you want a name plate showing your ship's name, you'll have to buy it.

With the Commander's patch, there's also going to be fixes to a lot of the exploits and some improvements on the gameplay. It should be a nice upgrade for those who own Horizons.


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