New trailer for Injustice 2 showcases some punny villains

by: Nicholas -
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Warner Bros. Interactive has dropped a new trailer for Injustice 2. This is separate from their Shattered Alliances, as this one shows off four villains from the DC Universe. 

First up, we've got Gorilla Grodd. He's a gorilla who can talk and also control people with his mind. Scary stuff. It's pretty funny to watch him take out Green Lantern, I wish I was that good at fighting games. 

Next, we have this guy called Bane, who flexes his sweet biceps and and triceps before putting the leg day pain on Wonder Woman.

Captain Cold is the punniest of them all, with his introductory phrase being: "Let's put you on ice." Enough said on that one. Although, the prospect of his freeze gun is quite frightening.

The last villain is Scarecrow, whose appearance is much different compared to usual iterations, mostly because he doesn't look human at all. He's got a sickle, which gives him some major Children of the Corn  vibes.

It'll be interesting what direction the villains of Injustice 2 will go. You can find out on its release date, May 16th, 2017.

Here's the video,