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SMITE's newest adventure "Celestial Voyage" begins today

by: Nathan -
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The capture the flag event for SMITE has come to an end but their newest patch brings a new adventure to the game in the form of the "Celestial Voyage". This time around you will be completing quests in order to acquire crafting tokens and those items can be used to unlock unique rewards. There are also new celestial themed skins for Anhur, Neith, Bastet, Khepri and Thoth. 

Here is a description of the event from the official SMITE website. 

Discover the world of ancient hieroglyphs as you join your favorite Egyptian gods on a Celestial Voyage! Along your journey you will unlock secrets, solve challenging puzzles, and earn celestial-themed rewards. The one secret we can tell you now – there are many rewards for all who wish to traverse the stars.

Can you decode the hieroglyphs to find what lies hidden in the stars? Complete quests to unlock hieroglyphs, Favor, Enigma Chests, or Fantasy Points. Then arrange your hieroglyphs to solve the given clues and unlock bonus rewards. Be careful – your hieroglyphs must be placed in exactly the right order to unlock all the sun’s treasure.

Are you wise enough to discover the final reward?

The event starts today on PC and will run until May 9th. The event will run from April 4th to May 16th on consoles. 

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