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Nathan Fillion stumbles out of "Last Call" in Destiny 2 trailer

by: Randy -
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If you're going to ramp up the announcement to your Big Huge Game's sequel, then you could do worse than having Nathan Fillion handle the debut trailer for Destiny 2. Nathan Fillion voices Cayde-6. Bringing in Cayde-6, one of Destiny's most well-liked characters, adds a charm and humor to the whole affair, handled so well by the Tower's preeminent Hunter Vanguard.

Swirling a glass of what looks like antifreeze, Cayde-6 tells a rambling story about being stuck in this "super boring meeting, about something, I don't know, wasn't paying attention," where he then goes onto reminisce on some old war story where—pew—he shoots one guy and—pew pew—he shoots another, "just to be safe." Until he finally looks around the empty bar and sees no one else except for one of those poor broom-sweeping droids that just gives Cayde-6 an unknowing blink. It's great.

It's not a gameplay trailer, but it's fun. Nathan Fillion is obviously given enough slack on his leash to simply do what Nathan Fillion does best, and that's to be off-the-cuff and believable and nudging you in the ribs while he's got the crowd. This is a very good continuation of a marketing campaign that's involved the official key art for Destiny 2, and even a leaked poster for the game that alleges the game launches on September 8 in Europe. America usually gets games earlier in the week, on Tuesdays, whereas Europe has to wait until Fridays. So the U.S. might have Destiny's Child (har har, I heard that one somewhere) in its hot little hands by September 5. Nothing official for us on that date yet, though.

This CGI trailer also says at the end that the "worldwide reveal trailer"—I'm assuming that means gameplay shots, or at least in-engine shots—goes up at 10 a.m. (Pacific) this Thursday, March 30.

So, just to reel it back in, Destiny 2 is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One Q3/Q4 of this year (possibly September).