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First look at a new map for Quake Champions

by: Rob -
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We've already discussed the reimagining of the Camping Grounds and the details about the closed beta but now Bethesda Softworks is giving us our first look at the Burial Grounds Arena for Quake Champions.

From the press release:

The bones of a massive beast decorate the entry to this massive tomb. Hazardous platforms at the Perilous Outcropping dot the sea of lava, providing an ideal sniping spot for those skilled enough and brave enough to make the leap. With its winding tunnels and low ceilings, the claustrophobic grave sites of the Molten Underground offer up the opportunity for heavier Champions to do some serious splash damage, while the Lava Falls could provide an excellent chokepoint for skilled tacticians. Just be careful to avoid being pushed into the lava, which is a prevalent threat throughout the map.

Quake Champions is expected to release sometime in 2017. A trip to the official website will reveal the Beta signups which are still ongoing. 

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