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Big Esports Weekend: Halo 5, LoL, CS and More

by: Patrick -
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A big esports weekend is coming up. Here's a brief roundup of what's worth checking it out:

The Halo 5 World Championships are here! That means OpTic Gaming will probably win again, but maybe Liquid will come out on top? Who knows! Check it out here on Twitch, with the semis running from 1pm EST to 10pm EST today, and the finals at 5:30 EST Sunday.

You can check out all the League of Legends regular matches going on at their respective Twitch channels. North America has Immortals v. Counter Logic Gaming and Team Liquid vs. Team Solo Mid both at 3pm EST.  China's Royal Never Give Up,will be playing at 6am EST tomorrow if you want to see some top tier play in the early morning.

Check out Korea's Afreeca Freecs play at 4am EST tomorrow if you want a double header, and Giants v. Fnatic at 2pm EST if you want to catch one more EU match.

For Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, check out the Esport Championship Series 3 semifinals here at 2pm EST (VirtusPro v. Space Soldiers and Fnatic v. North) and at 7pm EST (Complexity v. Renegades) with more on Sunday.

For more Esports coverage this weekend, check out the Twitch Esports twitter.